Copy of IMR 3000GT Upgraded Fuel Rails (-6AN, Front and Rear Rails)

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IMR's research on the OEM fuel rails reveals that their inside diameter is relatively the same size as -8AN spec fuel lines. This means that with a -8AN fitting on the ends, these rails can function as -8AN fuel rails. IMR has completed the work you by modifying the ends of the rails! We cut the OEM ends off, clean them up and weld on new -8AN or -6AN fittings. Once the rails are welded, they are pressurized with air to 120 psi to ensure there are no leaks. These rails will be offered in standard colors of wrinkle black or gloss black. Candy illusion colors are available (Red, Blue, Purple, Green). Allow 2 extra weeks for candy colors. standard colors of wrinkle black and gloss black are expected to be in stock. Get $20 IMR store credit for each set of cores turn in.