IMR Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit - Upgraded to 80 AMP

IMR Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit - Upgraded to 80 AMP

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Upgrade your pumps performance by getting the maximum power to it!!

Need more fuel? This is a simple way to upgrade your fuel delivery without pulling the pump. If you car is older and you still have the OEM wires feeding your pump, chances are you pump is not getting the power you demand of it. Most OEM power wires are undersized and or potentially corroding and limiting the pumps potential.

This hotwire kit will ensure that you pump receives the full 12v (our what ever you output) that you alternator offers. The end result is increase flow from you existing pump. The same is true if you upgraded you pump. The kit will also maximize the flow of any pump. 

Why did we upgrade to 80AMP? Over the years we bought and installed smaller  amperage relays and they would literally melt. Why get stuck on the side of the road. This kit is robust enough to handle and double or triple pump package you through at it.


-80 AMP relay**** (the most robust option for our cars)****

-15 feet of 8 gauge high performance stranded power cable

-Pre assembled harness connector (socket) for relay wires (includes signal, ground, 8 AWG power feed and delivery wires)

-High quality fuse and transparent housing with mounting brackets